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Billingsgate booklet

Billingsgate booklet front and back coversThe format for this booklet was inspired by one published in 1963 with the title Marketing the Fish. It had the same artisan look, with a lithographic pull-out at the end and black and white drawings interspersed with the text.

A couple of years ago, I presented a mock-up of my idea for a similar booklet about Billingsgat

e to C. J. Jackson, Director of Billingsgate Seafood Training School, and Chris Leftwich, Chief Fisheries Inspector.

They were very enthusiastic about the project. I'd been drawing in the market and the training school for some time and had built up a lot of work, which I incorporated into the booklet.

In December 2007 everything came together and the booklet is now on sale in the training school.

Billingsgate booklet lithographic pull-out

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